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S02E01 Enigma ‘MCMXC AD’

August 7, 2019

We are back after our break with a new season and a new year's worth of number one albums to listen to. 1991 kicks off with Enigma's debut album and it definitely makes a big impression on Dave and Krister as you will hear. You may also hear that the sound quality has improved a bit and we no longer sound like we're recording in a bucket in a field. Or at the very least, a better quality bucket. Hurrah for new equipment.

As well as discussing Enigma and why you'd want to listen to monks chanting over a breakbeat we also chat about Gang Starr, Robert Palmer and C&C Music Factory. As usual we've put together a playlist of all the songs (including the Enigma album) that we talk about for you to listen to here.

It's good to be back!

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