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S02E03 Jesus Jones ‘Doubt’

August 21, 2019

Welcome to episode three of our new season and enjoy taking a step back in terms of audio quality for one week because we recorded this one out of sequence, before we upgraded our microphones. Hurray! But ignore that if you can as we are joined by our first ever GUEST on the podcast, Si Sharp, to delve into the guts of Jesus Jones' album 'Doubt' from February 1991. Si is an expert on many musical topics and genres but has a special place in his heart for this particular sort of indie stuff, it's what he grew up on and loved dearly.

But are Dave and Krister going to be fans as well? Dave is notoriously adverse to "indie" stuff while Krister is usually all over that shit. Will this revisit to the album be a success? Along the way we also get the chance to chat about Soho, EMF, Rick Astley and Krister's granny. Sorry about this, gran.

Be sure to check out www.pclpodcast.com for more info and links to our various social media and go to Beat Rehab to read more of Si's opinions and lists. As usual we've made a Spotify playlist of all the songs we talk about for you to listen to here - https://tinyurl.com/PCLs02e03playlist

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