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S01E09 Prince ‘Graffiti Bridge’

April 2, 2019

Our ninth episode takes us into August of 1990 and Prince is at number one for one week only with 'Graffiti Bridge', his soundtrack to his godawful film of the same name. We get songs about dancing, songs about sex, songs about a dead father, more sex stuff, one about an actual bridge, and some more sex.

Dave is an absolutely massive Prince fan so what will he make of this having not heard it in many years? Krister doesn't give much of a shit either way; will the purple sex goblin impress him with his kitten heels and falsetto vocals?

We also manage to fit in some chat about Betty Boo, how to pronounce 'Tower of Power' correctly, and whether or not Dave can identify a Bombalurina track from just the intro.

Playlist of songs listened to and talked about available as usual on our Spotify page, link to this one here - http://tinyurl.com/PCL009playlist

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