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S01E10 George Michael ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1′ (and a very brief mention of the Three Tenors)

April 9, 2019

Once again we find ourselves having to acknowledge a record featuring Pavarotti because the 3 Tenors album was number one for five weeks but we skip pretty much immediately past it and focus on George Michael's re-defining 'Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1'. Neither of us have heard this whole album before and we agreed that we were looking forward to it - does it hold up to scrutiny nearly 30 years later?

Along the way we manage to fit in discussion of why Britain is ashamed of its heavy metal roots, why the Thunderstruck drinking game is the best of all song-based drinking games and why so many 1990 number one albums have one ill-judged reggae song on them.

Playlist with everything we talk about (except the 3 Tenors) available here - http://tinyurl.com/PCL010playlist .

Website with all the info - www.pclpodcast.com

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