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S01E13 Very Best Of Elton John

May 1, 2019

We know, we know, we said we weren't going to do any compilations or Best Ofs but just listen to the podcast and we explain our reasoning. Basically it comes down to "it's our podcast and we'll do what we want" to be honest. But it's a megamassivebig album to take a look at, this is a LOT of Elton John right here. Krister is still a fan of classic Elton, Dave is Elton-curious so let's see where he ends up after hearing a double album of greatest hits.

Along the way we talk briefly about things like NWA, Kim Appleby and Stevie Wonder. And Cliff Richard but let's skim past that if we can.

As always, here's a big old Spotify playlist of all the songs we chat about in this week's episode so that you can listen to them at your leisure - http://tinyurl.com/PCL013playlist

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