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S02E12 Metallica ‘Metallica’

October 30, 2019

Oh boy, this is a big one! Dave is a huge Metallica fan already and Krister likes a lot of the big tunes but how will he get on with the full album? Is it as good today as Dave remembers from when he was a teenager? I mean, probably, yeah.

Listen as we discuss whether Metallica ripped another band off for 'Enter Sandman'; is Kid Rock's use of the 'Sad But True' sample a legally punishable crime; is that REALLY an actual song about turning into a werewolf? And along the way we chat about Cypress Hill, Prodigy and Will Smith's VERY variable musical output.

All of the songs we play and chat about are on our weekly companion Spotify playlist and head to www.pclpodcast.com as usual for links to everything else.

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