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S02E14a Guns & Roses ‘Use Your Illusion II’

November 13, 2019

Dave's been looking forward to this one for weeks - G'n'R are one of his favourite bands of all time and he played this album over and over in his youth so he's got LOTS to say about it. Krister had never heard it before now and only really knows the big tunes off 'Appetite For Destruction' so he was pretty nervous going into this one. Will it be as good as Dave remembers? Will it be as bad as Krister fears?

Amidst all the discussion of why Axl Rose is such a dickhead sometimes we manage to fit in chat about Soundgarden, Rozalla and Prince as well.

Companion playlist for this one available here and all other stuff at our website www.pclpodcast.com. Enjoy! And look out for our extra bonus podcast where we discuss 'Use Your Illusion I' even though it wasn't actually a number one album. Dave insisted on it.

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