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S02E18 Erasure ‘Chorus’

December 11, 2019

Continuing in the 'pop' vein for a minute, this week we're listening to Erasure's album 'Chorus' which came out in October of 1991. Neither of us were familiar with this one at all so it was very new and fresh all round. But did we enjoy it? Is it all as good as the classics we knew like 'A Little Respect' and 'Stop'? We shall have to see.

And this week we get the chance to chat about other stuff like Teenage Fanclub, Slayer and Carcass so there's definitely some guitar music mixed in for good measure.

As always, listen along to our companion playlist with the full album and all the other tracks we discuss on the episode and check out www.pclpodcast.com for links to all of our social media etc. Get in touch with any comments or feedback and please keep spreading the word and telling your friends about our show!

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