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S02E19 “Genyasis”: A little Enya, a lot Genesis ‘We Can’t Dance’

December 18, 2019

While we know our own rules - we listen to and talk about every number one album of the 90s so long as it's not a compilation - we just simply could not find enough to say about Enya's 'Shepherd Moons' album and so we give it the most cursory of five minute conversations before moving onto the next on our list which is 'We Can't Dance' by Genesis. For obvious reasons, namely that we weren't 40 year old men at the time, neither of knew this album from when it was released. But, being 40-ish year old men now, can we finally appreciate Phil, Mike and Tony?

We get the chance to talk about other stuff like U2, Altern-8 and Sonata Arctica this week and you get to hear Krister's lovingly prepared Enya Megamix. Lucky you.

The companion Spotify playlist is available to listen to as always and check out the website, facebook page and twitter if you haven't already.

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