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S02E21 Hip Hop in 1991

January 8, 2020

What a year it was for hip hop in 1991 - so many massive and great albums being released, the mainstream beckoning and big changes coming to the scene. So we're dedicating a whole episode to looking at what was going on and deciding on what we reckon our favourite albums are from the year.

We are joined for this one by a special guest, the brilliant Rob Mulholland - stand up comic, professional northerner and big fan of hip hop. Check out his website to see when he's next coming to a venue near you, send him abuse on Twitter and definitely check out his hour long show 'Too Big To Fail' free to watch on youtube. 

Do be warned that there's probably even more swearing than usual in this one given that we're playing a load of hip hop tracks, and just the fact that there are three of us instead of two. That's simple swearing mathematics.

We've chucked a load of tunes that we talk about into a playlist that you can listen to on Spotify and as usual do check out our social media platforms to get in contact, all links at www.pclpodcast.com

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