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S03E01 Wet Wet Wet ‘High On The Happy Side’

February 19, 2020

Good crikey, it's Season 3 of Pop, Collaborate & Listen! And what better way to start off our journey through 1992's number one albums than Wet Wet Wet? Well, probably loads of ways to be honest but we don't make the rules. We just listen to what the pop charts dictate and then whinge about it for an hour or so each week.

Neither Dave nor Krister had ever heard this whole album before because of course not so it really was a journey into the unknown. Obviously we were familiar with the big 80s hits that the band had released and with their seemingly neverending cover version of 'Love Is All Around' but this album was unfamiliar territory. Did it convert us to a newfound love of Pellow & Co? We shall have to see.

During our conversation we look at an absolute ton of other releases that came out in the six week period at the start of 1992, there are some absolute treasures that we chat about like KISS, Daisy Chainsaw and Sultans of Ping just for starters. Seriously though, check out this week's Spotify playlist of the whole Wet Wet Wet album and all the other stuff we talk about - it's fantastic. And as usual please do feel free to get in contact via any method you choose, lots of links to do so at our website www.pclpodcast.com

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