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S03E05 Right Said Fred ‘Up’

March 18, 2020

We knew it was coming - looming on our timeline like a brash, bald, pop behemoth. And here we are - Right Said Fred's actual debut album. Obviously we knew the singles already but weren't sure what to expect from the rest of it. Who know, maybe it's full of pleasant pop surprises, we shall have to see.

We do get to discover the link between Jimi Hendrix, RSF and Taylor Swift though which seems unlikely but is actually true, and we reveal a US alt-rock band that almost took Right Said Fred on tour with them in 1992 until their management pointed out what a dreadful idea that actually was.

Check out our companion playlist as always with the full album we discuss and loads of other tunes we talk about, and head to our website for crap memes and links to our various social media.

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