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S03E07 The Cure ‘Wish’

April 8, 2020

We're back with a proper episode! Yes - we, two men in our 40s, worked out how to use Zoom and managed to record this episode while sitting in our pants in our respective bedrooms. And it turned out surprisingly well if we do say so ourselves. Another album that neither of us had actually ever heard before but obviously we know plenty of Cure songs so we were looking forward to this one.

Along the way we discuss L7, how Dave was almost a goth in sixth form and the Sisters of Mercy.

Companion playlist is here, links to all our social media are on our website www.pclpodcast.com and keep an eye on our facebook page for details of when our next live music quiz will be (hint: probably every Friday evening during the coronavirus lockdown at 8pm GMT).

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