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S03E08 Carter USM ‘1992 - The Love Album’

April 22, 2020

Strange as it may seem to us nowadays, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine had an actual official number one album back in 1992. Grebo is an oft-overlooked genre from the time: is that for the best or are we unfairly overlooking what it had to offer? With opinions ranging from "not really bothered" to "actively disliked them" between Krister and Dave will this album win them round?

We talk about loads more in this episode as well including the likes of En Vogue, R. Kelly and Aphex Twin. You can hear all of the songs we discuss in our companion Spotify playlist and immerse yourself more fully in 90s goodness with our ongoing "best of the albums we've featured" playlist. Links to everything on our website as usual.

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