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S03E10 Michael Ball and Faith No More

May 20, 2020

We tried. We really did. We tried to bring you a full episode talking about Michael Ball's self-titled debut album but we just could not do it. For one thing, it's not on Spotify so we had to actually create a youtube playlist, and not all the songs are even on there so it was incomplete at best. And secondly, it's a Michael Ball album so we really, really didn't want to.

Which means that we spend the bulk of the podcast talking about Faith No More's album 'Angel Dust' which came out around the same time and only got to number 2 in the charts which just doesn't seem fair. So that's what you're getting, hope you enjoy it.

Leave us some comments on our social media as usual, we'd love to hear what you think about either of the above records, and also due to public demand we have now got a button on the website for donations which you're very welcome to use if you like all the stuff we're putting out and fancy chucking us the price of a pint. It's very very much appreciated you wonderful people.

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