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S03E14 REM ‘Automatic For The People’

October 14, 2020

Well this is a massive album and deserves a lot of time devoted to it, so we did. Fair warning - there are some subjects touched upon in our discussion that might be a bit too much for some people; the album itself is all about death, mortality, suicide, pain, grief etc and so we talk about our own issues and experiences with such things so if you think this might be a bit too heavy for what is normally quite a jaunty podcast with too many jokes about farts and dicks then we understand if you want to skip it. But there are also a load of stupid things we talk about as well in amongst the more heavy bits. Just so you know.


We do also get the chance to talk about other bands such as The Prodigy, Suede and the Jesus Lizard so that's something to get your teeth into as well.


The companion Spotify playlist has the whole REM album as well as all the chart singles we chat about and our ongoing playlist made up of songs from every number one album we've covered so far can be found here. Please do hit us up on facebook, twitter or instagram to let us know your thoughts or just to give us abuse. Cheers!

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