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S03E15 Prince ‘Love Symbol’

October 28, 2020

We are back with a much more frivolous and light-hearted episode than our previous one so you can expect many more smutty jokes and terrible puns throughout alongside our usual incisive music knowledge and expertise. Ahem.

This week we are listening to and chatting about Prince's 'Love Symbol' album which Dave has vague memories of from back in 1992 and Krister has definitely never heard before in his life. And because it's Prince, and you can't tell him what to do, there are 18 tracks on the album across about 50 different genres. So plenty to get stuck into, alongside the whole thing about it being a rock opera soundtrack to another flopped Prince movie.

We do also get the chance to talk about things like Madonna, Temple of The Dog and that awful rave version of the Tetris music so there's something to look forward to. You can hear all of the above as well as the full Prince album and all the other bits we mention on our companion Spotify playlist here and catch up with our ongoing Best Of The PCL Albums playlist here.

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