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S03E20 BONUS EPISODE - Mr Bungle ‘Mr Bungle’

March 10, 2021

We're back with a very special bonus episode and you can interpret "special" any way you want. At the behest of a podcast listener who donated a far too generous amount of money to our paypal link we are covering an album of his choosing. It's possible he chose this particular one because he is a massive fan and knows that Dave is as well or it's possible that he knows how much Krister was likely to absolutely hate it. Who knows, it's a proper mystery.


Either way we hope you enjoy listening to us discuss this one but since the album is definitely an acquired taste and the episode is easily one of our most self-indulgent ones to date we won't mind if you skim this one or have to give up before the end. Although we'd much prefer if you didn't obviously. Have fun!

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